Statue is a sculpture, which usually represents a specified person or animal. They are suitable both for the garden and the interior of the house. You can choose over one hundred different statues such as the mythological gods, known works of famous sculptors, fictional characters, elves and busts that will brighten your surroundings.

We offer several different sizes of sculptures ranging from about 40cm to 150cm. It is particularly preferred if the statue is slightly standing out, and is placed on a pedestal. We have several types of pedestals that makes the statue more exposed.

There is a lot of work in the process of making a sculpture and our company offers only the most beautiful and seamless end-products. They are made of white cement (if desired gray) and where necessary, appropriately reinforced with metal. Product is thoroughly inspected before we sell it, making the finishing touches where even the smallest mistakes are corrected. If desired, the statue can be prewathered to achieve the impression of old or coated. Here you can read more about how products are made.

We also have several other statues to choose from in our offer, which are not shown on our website. It is best to contact us, or visit and together we will find the right solution for your environment.


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